The Maven of Social Influence

Stating our ideas with an ambition to persuade others to adopt our attitude is the motivation behind all social activity. Some common types of social influence witnessed every day is peer pressure, obedience, leadership, conformity and persuasion.

Persuasion and Influence are practiced by individuals and pointed toward other individuals beginning at birth. In the home, on the playground, at the day-care center we see Persuasion and Influence at work in changing behaviors.

In school, at the work place, from television, and screaming from storefronts we find constant effort to change behavior through Persuasion and Influence. Social exchanges have always been an active ingredient for influencing behavioral changes.

Aristotle is noted for recording his principles of persuasion in Rhetoric. Since then, attempts have been made to define and refine principles of successful influence.

The power of persuasion has reached phenomenal levels of strength. Influence and Persuasion are not simply aimed toward the people next door or the local community anymore. Today, history is being made as Social Media actively influences cultural changes worldwide.

And so it is that the Maven Of Social Influence happens to be in a unique and unprecedented position to witness first hand Social Media at work. It’s exciting to observe individuals participating through their memberships in the Social Media platforms as they go about changing the world in which we live.

It is not the ambition here, at the Maven site, to actually change behaviors. We wish only to provide information for the reader.

That information can then be used by the reader to make personal and/or business decisions about the ideas encountered daily from Social Media. There is no question about the  helpfulness of this kind of information for those who are being influenced in order to understand more about the processes of Influence and Persuasion.

Phenomenal Power Of Social Influence

Social Media has become permanently fixed to our daily lives. We wake in the morning to check Facebook as we enjoy the first cup of coffee for the day. We then go immediately to comment on Twitter about information we just learned from Facebook.

Next, we Google+ it simply to ensure the information gets around to those we have friended, followed or connected with in any way. With that being done, we go about our day with occasional interruptions to check out, again, our Social Media sources for the latest developments.

There is no one segment of our lives that is not being touched by Social Media in one way or another. Our physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences are shared by others from all over the globe. This is a modern day phenomenon that is growing in importance every day.

There are those who have been slow to accept and/or adjust to relationships that are an unavoidable side-effect of Social Media participation. It’s becoming rather obvious that refusing to recognize the Influence of Social Media will not make it go away.

In fact, the attempt to ignore Social Media by refusing to participate soon proves there is actually no choice. It’s one of those situations where even being absent from the scene is, regardless, making a loud and clear statement.

Social Influence — The Impact Felt Around The World

The marketing industry, both on and off line, has one of the largest groups of people to be impacted directly by Social Influence. These individuals, and their marketing businesses, have found it necessary to adjust thought processes and methods of performance.

Successful marketers are consistently developing methods and procedures for successful distribution of products and services. In fact, the act of teaching marketers how to market has become an industry unto itself.

Countless dollars have been spent to purchase the tools necessary for the work of marketing. How-to-do-it habits have become ingrained from years of practice.

It’s easy to sympathize with these people. With recent innovations, their dependency on Google for search engine ranking has proven unreliable.

Add to that the fact that tried and true practices in marketing have become less productive. Social Media marketing practices are suggesting other methods for advertising.

What we have here is a large group of intelligent, hard working and previously self-sufficient individuals who are now experiencing failure to thrive. Lots of these people were not prepared for Social Media’s overthrow of conventional Internet marketing.

Social Influence: Changing The World We Live In

Think, for a minute, of a few social phases in our history — the 8-track player, the glass bottles of milk left by the door each morning, mail by pony express, etc. Many of today’s marketing processes are following the same path as these historical methods of meeting the public’s demand for goods and services.

Once upon a time, those historical methods were the utmost — the cutting edge — in providing luxury and functionality. But then, something new came along.

Life styles changed. Innovations brought newer, better, quicker and less expensive products and services. Influence and Persuasion being practiced through Social Media is the new innovation that is changing our way of thinking, our way of communicating and our world in general.

How Can Social Influence Work For You?

More people are approaching the Internet everyday to become involved in one way or another with the world of Social Media.

It’s evident that Social Influence has largely come from Social Media and is used for:

  • providing entertainment and leisure activity
  • researchers seeking the latest information on any particular topic.
  • consumers searching for ‘the’ product that will fill their need
  • businesses, both on and off line, that need to attract paying clients
  • marketers wanting to publicize their products and services.

The Secret Of Social Influence

The truth is that there are major benefits to be had by the development of Influence through Social Net-working. But — one has to learn to use the platforms properly. This takes time.

The problems associated with Social Media usually result from its being misused. Many people seem to think that creating a membership and a profile is all that’s needed to begin reaping benefits.

Lots of people become disheartened when their goals are not met immediately. They fail to recognize the learning curve and the correct way to participate on the various platforms.

It’s during the learning period that a participant’s introduction to the community can lead to the fulfillment or the failure of goals. It’s at the very beginning of participation that an image of the participant is created … an image that should present the participant as a trusted source of information that is mindful of the customer’s welfare.

Being accepted by the community comes first. Gaining trust is the next and most important step. Everything concerning the participant’s success as a community member is dependent on the acceptance and trust of the other members.

Can You Learn To Be Socially Influential?

You, too, can come to know and to prosper from Social Influence that develops through Social Networking. The secret is that there is no secret about this fun and exciting activity.

First, understand the power of Influence. Second, recognize the methods used in creating Influence and Persuasion. For Social Media Marketers, it is the little tidbits of information, often passed over, that can make the difference between being profitable or going bust.

Knowledge and use of best practices in Social Net-working can boost popularity overnight. The ease of creating your own place inside the world of a social community is impressive and amazing. Even more impressive and amazing is the profitable results that may be realized in that world.