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Social media has landed with both feet firmly planted in the middle of our daily lives.  We wake in the morning to check Facebook and go immediately to comment on Twitter about what we just learned.  Then, we Google+ it simply to ensure the information gets around to those we have friended, followed or connected with in any way.  With that being done, we go on about our day with  interruptions to check out, again, our social media sources  to see the latest input.

There is no one segment of our lives that is not being touched by social media in one way or another.  Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences are shared by others from all over the globe.  This is a modern day phenomenon that is growing in importance every day.

Some of us have been slow to accept and/or adjust to relationships that are an unavoidable side-effect of social media participation.  It’s beginning to dawn on a few of us that refusing to recognize social media will not make it go away.  In fact, those of us who have attempted to ignore it and who have refused to participate in it are finding that we have no choice.  It’s one of those situations where even being absent from the scene is making a loud and clear statement.

Who Is Most Affected Today By Social Influence?

The marketing industry, both online and offline, is one of the largest groups of people to be impacted by the idea of  social influence. These individuals, and their marketing businesses, are being asked  to adjust their thought processes and their methods of performance.

For years, marketers have been taught  methods and procedures for successful distribution of their products and services.  In fact, the act of teaching marketers has become an industry unto itself.  Countless dollars have been spent to purchase the tools necessary for their work. How-to-do-it habits have become ingrained from years of practice.

I can easily sympathize with these people. Recently, their dependency on Google for search engine ranking has been shaken by the many changes made in that area.  Add to that the fact that their normal practices in marketing are becoming non- productive.  What we have here is a large group of intelligent, hard working and previously self-sufficient individuals who are now experiencing failure to thrive.


Signs Of The Time:  Social Influence

Remember some of the social phases in our history for a minute — the 8-track player, the  glass bottles of milk left by front doors each morning, and mail by pony express.  Many of today’s marketing processes are following the same path as those historical items.

At one time, those historical items were the utmost in luxury and functionality.  But, something new came along.  Life styles changed.  Innovations brought newer, better, quicker and less expensive products and services.  The influence that can be created through Social Media is the new innovation that we speak of today.


Who Cares About Social Influence

Each day finds more people approaching the internet in order to participate in some way with a social media platform.

Social Media Is Appropriate:

  • as a leisure activity providing entertainment for users.
  • for researchers who wish to know the latest information on any particular topic.
  • for consumers as they seek ‘the’ product that will fill their need.
  • for businesses, both online and offline, that need to attract paying clients.
  • for marketers who are seeking customers for their products and services.


How To Develop More Social Influence Than Others

The truth is that there are major benefits to be had by the development of influence through the use of social net-working platforms.  But, one has to learn to use the platforms properly.  This takes time.

The problems associated with social media usually come down to its being misused.  People seem to think that opening an account for a particular social platform is all that’s needed to begin reaping benefits.  Many people become disheartened when their goals are not met immediately.  They fail to realize that there is a learning curve and  correct ways to participate on any of the platforms.

It’s during the learning period that a participant in a social community builds a foundation  that can lead to the fulfillment of goals. It’s at the very beginning when an image of the participant is created … an image that should present the participant as a trusted source of information … an image that says the participant represents a business that actually cares about customers.  Everything concerning the participant’s success as a community member is dependent on acceptance and trust.


The Secret To Developing Social Influence

You, too, can come to know and to prosper from social influence that comes from participation in social net-working platforms.  We have no secrets about this fun and exciting activity. We’re putting together the information you need for operating successfully in the social media world. It is being prepared as we speak.

The little tidbits of information that often get passed over can make the difference between making a profit or going bust.  Knowledge of the best practices about social net-working platforms can boost your popularity overnight.

You will be impressed and amazed at the ease of creating your own place inside the world of a social community.  You’ll be even more impressed and amazed at the profitable results to be realized in that world.

Drop by our site often.  Leave your comments and, please, ask your questions.  Contact and Communication are two necessary elements in any venture.  This is especially true when we’re learning to interact socially.

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